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Welcome to training your pup the Pawsh way! 

Pawsh's long awaited training services are finally underway! We have searched long and far for the perfect professional trainer to add to our team, and we have found the perfect match! We are incredibly excited to introduce Grace Komatz. We are now offering group classes, private classes (both at the Pawsh facility and In Home), day stay and train, and board and train packages. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to sign up for any of these services!

Urban Life

The PAWSH way is the LIMA way! We believe in evidence based behavior modification techniques to help owners and dogs better their communication and relationship with their dogs while correcting problem behaviors. 
What Is LIMA?

“LIMA” is an acronym for the phrase “least intrusive, minimally aversive”. LIMA describes a trainer or behavior consultant who uses the least intrusive, minimally aversive strategy out of a set of humane and effective tactics likely to succeed in achieving a training or behavior change objective with minimal risk of producing aversive side effects. LIMA adherence also requires consultants to be adequately educated and skilled in order to ensure that the least intrusive and aversive procedure is used.

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**Note from the trainer**

My personal philosophy on dog training is that the easiest method to achieve your goals is usually the best. I help owners work smarter, not harder, to find their dogs' path of least resistance: making training easy and fun for everyone! Here at PAWSH Parker we use the LIMA method of training. The majority of the skills you will learn with us will utilize positive reinforcement, but this is not always sufficient for success in training. We will teach you how and when to implement all 4 quadrants of behavior modification. 

Dog giving a high five

Group Classes

We keep our group classes small so you can rest assured you will get maximum interaction with your instructor. Classes available for all breeds and ages. We are constantly adding new classes, new days, and new times so check back often! 

Training a Puppy

Private Classes

Have a specific issue you would like to address? Or maybe you and your pup just learn better when you're one on one with the instructor? We can work around your schedule to get a lesson booked!

Doggie Stay

Boarding School

 Adding a new furry family member and want to help them start their life with you with their best paw forward? Unruly wild child that you've tried training and nothing seems to work? Check out our Boarding School Program!


Available Puppies

Still searching for that new furry friend to add to your family? We have several trained puppies available! We will work with you and your family to find the perfect match.

Group Classes

Puppy Basic Obedience 

Starting Sunday September 25th 2022

@ 6:00 PM

A 6-week introductory class that teaches you how to welcome your puppy home focusing on basic skills like "come when called" & loose-leash walking, crate training, and introduction of basic obedience. Also addresses socialization & preventing common problem behaviors. A graduation diploma is presented to all participants at the end of the class. Puppies should be 10 weeks to 6 months old. $300

Basic Obedience 

Starting Thursday September 22nd 2022

@ 6:00 PM


Starting Sunday October 2nd @ 2:00 PM 

A 6-week introductory class will teach basic manners and obedience with impulse control & relationship-building exercises. Also focuses on redirection techniques, loose-leash walking, "come when called" & "leave it." A graduation diploma is presented to all participants at the end of the class. $350



Starting November 6th 2022

@ 4:00 PM

Strengthens your dog’s behaviors to provide faster & more consistent responses & helps improve reliability. Topics covered in this 6-week class include: manners while out & about, advanced heel with distractions & more. A graduation diploma is presented to all participants at the end of the class. Pre-requisite: Basic Training group class or trainer permission. $350





All group classes are held at the same day/time each week. Each weekly session is 1 hour in length and builds on training that was accomplished during the previous session. Up to 2 owners may attend each class with their enrolled pet, only those who are actively participating in the class are allowed in the facility during class. All classes are held at Pawsh, unless otherwise noted. All dogs participating must be current on vaccinations. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required for all group classes. ***No aggressive or reactive dogs will be permitted in group classes! We would be happy to help you and your pooch get to a better place, but we recommend 1 on 1 sessions with our trainer before joining the group setting.*** 


What to bring:


4-6 foot leash (NO retractable leashes)

Collar or Harness

Training treats (can be purchased at Pawsh)


Private Classes

Private Classes @Pawsh Facility

Single Private Training Session: $85
6 Private Training Session Package: $500

Private Classes In Your Home

Single Private Training Session: $150
6 Private Training Session Package: $800

In home milage fee: within 8 miles of Pawsh facility included. $15 for every 8 additional miles

Customized one on one sessions with our trainer to meet your personal goals. 

Does your dog or puppy have any problem behaviors that you don't know how to fix? 

Our trainer specializes in correcting problem behaviors driven by anxiety, fear, and aggression and will build a custom training plan to optimize your dog's success and help you strengthen your bond together!

Do you have bigger training goals for your dog?

Our trainer is experienced with task training service animals, competitive level obedience, and even special needs dog training 


Day Training
Boarding School

More Information coming soon!


Available Puppies


When looking for a puppy to add to your family, finding the perfect match is one of the most important elements in helping dogs and humans live a great life together. Whether bought, found or rescued, it is essential to find a dog that can live within your lifestyle. There are realities to the breed and the individual you select and starting any dog out with a great foundation is essential. And that's why we are here to help you get it right! 


Sleeping through the night in their crate for a minimum of 6 hours

  • Potty Training 3 or less accidents their final week

  • Comfortable with leash and collar

  • Comfortable with handling and grooming

  • Comfortable on car rides


  • Basic potty training - Puppy will have an established potty schedule and will have 3 or less accidents their final week of level one.

  • Basic crate training- Puppy will enter kennel on cue, sleep through the night for a minimum of 6 hours in crate, or relax during the day for up to 3 hours.

Level One Puppy Package


  • Comfortable with interactions with other dogs of all sizes

  • Comfortable with being approached by and with interactions with strangers


  • Use to regular baths & nail trims

  • Use to being trimed around their face, feet, and fanny

  • Up-to-date on vaccines - (records to transfer to owner at time of puppy's arrival)​​


  • Stair training

  • Know "off" command - lessens jumping on furniture

  • Recognized a "positive interrupter" to disengage the puppy from undesirable behaviors.

  • Leash walking-Puppy will calmly allow collar and leash to be put on.30 minute walks and "heel" are introduced. 

  • Cues ( the following cues will be indroduced and performed in a mid-distraction enviroment)

    • Sit- Puppy understands hand signal and verbal cue.

    • Down- Puppy understands hand signal (1 inch from floor) and is learning verbal cue. Lure may be used

    • Name- Puppy knows and responds to his name.

    • Positive Interrupter- Puppy responds quickly to sound and redirection.

    • Heel- Puppy understands lure to left side and walking with a person 

    • Kennel- Puppy walks into his kennel on cue without physical aid. Can still lure with a treat if needed.

    • Leave it- Puppy is starting to understand to move away from food or object.

    • Come- Puppy responds quickly and happily when asked to come from 3 ft away.

    • Drop it- Puppy is comfortable with food or items being taken away

Puppies will need to have an adjustment period while they learn their new environment & people. This may take a few days up to a few weeks. Before you take your new puppy home you will be asked to schedule a session with our head trainer. This session is meant to assist you as your puppy assimilates into its new life with you and will include instructions and explanations on your puppy's schedule, nuances and routines. Please expect some transition issues with your puppy in the first few weeks as they are still young and will need some time to properly adjust. Please understand that we have built a solid training foundation for your puppy but training never really ends with any dog! They will need practice and reinforcement until at least 1 to 2 years of age. If your puppy has not met our expectations by the time their graduation date arrives, they will be kept in the training program  free of charge until they have satisfied the expectation.


Magic the Akita


Toast the Doodle


Ace the Doodle

Puppies are priced at $5000. Please contact us for more information