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Here at PAWSH, we value our commitment to providing what all other day cares and boarding services can't—full attention on your dog. Most daycares have too many dogs to keep up with, but here at PAWSH, we prefer more of a personal touch. Every dog in our care is carefully watched over and supervised throughout the day, and we are FULLY transparent in what happens with your dog in our care.

Here for grooming? Who better to doggy-sit than the team that already knows your pup so well? Whether you have a lunch date, long work hours, an out-of-town work weekend, or a month-long cruise, we've got the perfect spot for your kiddo (with extra love always included!:)

All dogs must be interviewed to ensure your kiddo and play with us. We do these Monday-Saturday, 7 am-5 pm. Interviews are free and typically last for two hours.

We can't wait to meet and have a spectacular time with your dog(s).


Daycare is available 7 days a week 7am to 7pm.  All dogs must be temperment tested to be approved for Daycare services.



Built in Suites, much like a hotel, with all of the amenities! Twin beds, with full bedding and pillows. A television set, photographs, and decorations all to make a more "homelike" setting. Available in 2 sizes, Regular Suites 10ft x 6ft  and our Luxury Suite 12ft x 10ft.  


All boarding packages come with ALL DAY daycare included. Bring your pup's food, bed, & toys, and we'll provide all of the fun! 

Daycare Rates
1/2 Day  (Under 5hrs)  $20

Full Day  (Over 5hrs)  $30

1/2 Day (x10) $180   (x20) $340

Full Day (x10) $265 (x20) $510

Overnight Rates
Regular Room $50 2nd pet $40
Suite $65 2nd pet $55
Luxury Suite $79 2nd pet $69

Magic Package: Pictures Daily, Daily updates, play/cuddle times, and a report card.  Additional 30$ per night

Super-fun Package: Enrichment Activities and KongTreat of your choice

Additional $25 per night

Lonely Mountain Package: Cuddle Times, Music Therapy, and wellness checks every hour. Additional $25 per night

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