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Who better to doggy-sit than the team that already knows your pup so well! Whether you have a lunch date, long work hours, an out of town work weekend, or a month long cruise we've got the perfect spot for Fido (with extra love always included!)


Daycare is available 7 days a week 7am to 7pm.  All dogs must be temperment tested to be approved for Daycare services.



Built in Suites, much like a hotel, with all of the amenities! Twin beds, with full bedding and pillows. A television set, photographs, and decorations all to make a more "homelike" setting. Available in 2 sizes, Regular Suites 10ft x 6ft  and our Luxury Suite 12ft x 10ft.  


All boarding packages come with ALL DAY daycare included. Bring your pup's food, bed, & toys, and we'll provide all of the fun! 

Daycare Rates

Play Date (Under 2hrs) $12

1/2 Day  (Under 5hrs)  $20

Full Day  (Over 5hrs)  $30

1/2 Day (x10) $180     (x20) $340

Full Day (x10) $265   (x20) $510

Overnight Rates

Regular Room $50 2nd pet $40

Suite $65 2nd pet $55

Luxury Suite $79 2nd pet $69

(All Overnight rates include all day daycare)

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